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First off, internet gambling is illegal in most jurisdictions in the world. In the states it began with the Wire Act, were it was illegal to place bets over telephony lines. This was an attempt to control the mob's cash flow. At the time there was no internet gambling as we know it today. Most of it was being placed on sports. I believe that we will never see legal sports betting across state lines. I am not even sure if poker will be allowed. I used to be really upset about this total lack of regard for my right to live, liberty and the pursuit. I suppose I still am. However, my fellow countrymen seem to see no issue with letting the DOJ confiscate any domains which they deem to by unlawful in any part of the world. So, I don't do any internet gambling. I have to suffice with creating a travel and liesure portal geared toward all the lovely resorts that are in this country. In a way I am pretty much guarenteed not to be swindle by some half baked online operation. Is the DOJ protecting me from these unlawful operators??? Not really, they just don't want my money going somewhere where they can't tax it, again. Or better yet some state doesn't get it for thier lotteries which is bad for thier educational systems. Personally, I see absolutly no harm to anyone but my wallet if I gamble on the web. I mean isn't my money?? Didn't I already pay state and federal taxes??? How much did I lose to the bank and auto bailouts?? How much more am I gonna lose when nobody wants my federal reserve notes??? I mean have you ever gone to Vegas??? People like to gamble its like one of the top 4 things people like to do. By what authority do you take this right for my pursuit of happiness??? Looks like I'll just have to stick to the track.

The above information is provided for educational purpose only. It shall only be utilized in local, state, or other jurisdications were gaming is legally sanctioned.

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